Joakim Noah says f*** you to all the refs + the best f*** you scenes ever

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This post is obviously going to have some profanity in it so if you don't want to read or hear any f-bombs then "fuck you" and leave (I'm kidding of course and nothing in this article should be taking seriously)

Some of that hard earned money Jokim Noah is going to get for making the All-Star team is going right back to the league after he gets fined for yelling "fuck you" at every ref in sight during the 3rd quarter of last night's loss to the Kings.  The cause for his outburst was a 2nd technical foul given to him after he started arguing with the ref about a loose ball foul.

I bet new commish Adam Silver is actually excited that this is his first fine so it will be interesting to see if he fines Noah per "fuck you" or just considers it 1 incident with the number of "fuck you" comments irrelevant.  Thankfully Noah didn't include an "anti-gay" slur at the end of his "fuck you" like Kobe did back in 2011.  Bryant was fined $100k for his double f comment at a ref.

But I swear, refs are having a tough time in the Silver era.  First Lance Stephenson dunks on one and now they are getting bullied by a guy nicknamed Baby Lungs.

In honor of Noah's f-bomb explosion, I'm going to present you with my favorite "fuck you" scenes in history starting with a mash-up of Noah's play last night and a scene from Half-Baked.


25th Hour (one of the greatest scenes ever)


Django Unchained


Rules of Attraction


Observe and Report (Chick Fila scene)




Reservoir Dogs


Big Lebowski






Full Metal Jacket




Coming To America



The Master (RIP Hoffman)


Heat vs. Bulls








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