Joakim Noah Pushes Fan Who Allegedly Spit Dip On Him in GM2

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Joakim Noah

I didn’t think Joakim Noah would ever cross a fan who could top the insane Heat Fan with an insane backstory that gave Noah the finger from a couple of years ago but if this sick fan really did spit dip(!) at Noah then this disgusting fan takes the  honor. On Wednesday night, after the Bulls loss to the Cavs in GM2, Chuck Garfiend tweeted about the incident. 

The story didn’t get much attention because all we had was the tweet but then yesterday, Steven Ray of Fear The Sword, posted a video of a frustrated Noah giving a light push to the fan, holding a cup, who I assume is the guy who spit on him. It’s hard to verify the spit but the (light) contact by Noah isn’t. I’m hoping the NBA doesn’t overreact and punish Noah for touching the fan but if that fan really did spit at a player, i’m hoping the NBA gives him a lifetime ban from attending NBA games.

I wish the NBA would also ban dipping at games. Nobody wants to see a guy spitting that $#it into a cup or on anything or anybody else.

Source: Bleacher Report