Joel Embiid 11 Points & 12 Rebounds In 14 Minutes! Even Guarded John Wall!

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I’ll admit, Joel Embiid has been putting up some decent numbers and generating some great highlights in limited minutes over his first 5 preseason games. But, the Tim Duncan and Hakeem comparisons right now are just ridiculous, especially since Embiid has failed to shoot 50% in any of those 5 games and only shot over 40% once. Some people love the fact that he hit his first 3 point attempt but he’s missed his last 4 and I don’t think a player with his size, strength and athleticism should be taking 2 3-pointers a game, especially when they are only playing 13 minutes per.

With that said, Embiid’s free throw shooting – he’s made 17 of his last 20 – has been great and some of the plays on the offensive and defensive end against the Wizards on Thursday night was equally impressive. I’m not going to say Hakeem the Dream impressive but impressive enough that some 76ers fans actually started chanting MVP. The play that stood out the most to me came in the 2nd quarter, when he ended up having to guard John Wall. For about 7 seconds, Embiid was able to stay in front of one of the league’s fastest and shiftiest point guards and then caused Wall to take and miss a jumper. The play didn’t end up in the stat sheet but it’s the type of plays that makes me feel like he can be a special player in this league.

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JOHN WALL VS JOEL EMBIID! Joel Embiid had 11 points & 12 rebounds in 14 minutes vs the Wizards but his most impressive stat wasn't in his impressive stat sheet. 7 seconds. That's how long he guarded John Wall before making one of the league's fastest point guards miss a jumper. Usually when a 7 footer ends up guarding a player like Wall 1on1 it ends up looking like Stephon Marbury dropping Yao Ming.

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As for that stat sheet, he stuffed it with 11 points, 12 boards and a block in just 14 minutes. But, I have to bring up that he was 2 of 5 from the field and would have been at 50% if he wouldn’t have attempted a 3-pointer.

John Wall would like us to mention the Wizards won by 21 and he did this to the 76ers defense.