Even Joel Embiid Laughed At The Ringer’s “Embiid – Legacy Of A Legend” Mockumentary

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Joel Embiid

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I’m still not sold on the name “The Ringer” because I keep thinking about that awful 2005 Johnny Knoxville movie of the same name but Bill Simmons’ new site, podcast(s), tv show (Any Given Wednsday) and even email blasts are exceptional.

On Wednesday, The Ringer put out one of their most exceptional pieces yet with a 6-minute video called “Joel Embiid – Legacy of a Legend.”  The mini-mockumentary features the Ringer crew making fun of all the Joel Embiid workout clips the internet keeps going crazy over. The video is so exceptional, even Embiid had to give it props.


And here’s the original footage of the legend working out against that “short white dude in an empty high school gym.”