Joey Crawford gets upset and almost ejects a ball boy for not wiping the floor well enough

Being a ball boy isn't that glamorous of a job nowadays but believe or not, it used to be a dream gig for a lot of basketball fans/kids in the 80s & 90s.  Rapper/Actor Common often brags about his time as a ball boy for the Chicago Bulls during the MJ era.  But, that's because Common was never embarrassed in front of a crowd the way Joey Crawford did to the ball boy of the recent 76ers/Cavs game.  Not satisfied with his mop skills, Joey almost ejected the ball boy and then brought in some guys that got on their hands and knees to wipe up the mess.  Joey gave them a pat on the back and I'm sure the other ball boy is pissed that people are writing about and sharing this video.

Just for you ball boy, here's a video you might enjoy.

I'm sure he's cursing Joey the way this kid probably cursed LeBron.






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