John Salley says Jordan wasn’t even a top 4 player

Yesterday was Magic Johnson’s birthday and I spent much of the day preaching about how Magic deserves to be mentioned with MJ in every greatest ever argument and that I still feel Magic is the most valuable player of all-time. A few people thought I was “hating,” which I wasn’t. But, if they thought I was hating by saying things like more players would rather play with Magic than Jordan then I can’t imagine what they would say about former Bad Boy Piston John Salley.

On, Salley joined ‘The Herd’ to discuss GOATs and he explained why Jordan is not only THE GOAT but not even a top 4 player! He picked Magic, Bird and Kareem as the best he played against, Hakeem was the toughest to defend and Isaiah Thomas was the best he played with.

I have no issues with Spiderman’s opinions, but I was shocked to hear him say MJ was overrated on D because of his big hands, although, I agree those “big hands” did allow him to get away with a lot of things that today’s refs would blow a whistle on.

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