John Wall Crossover then Dunks on Craig Brackins Brings Wizards Within 40

If you are a Wizards fan then just watch the John Wall crossover on Evan Turner & dunk on Craig Brackins but don’t look at the score.  If you are 76ers fan just look at the score. Actually it’s the 1st preseason game after a 2 month lockout – who cares.  Just watch the awesomeness that is John Wall.

If you do care about the game, the Wizards lost the 76ers 103 – 78 and John Wall only made 3 of 12 shots and had 6 turnovers.

“It’s disrespectful to the whole team and the coaching staff,” Wall said of the Wizards’ showing.

“John can’t play 25 minutes or whatever and turn the ball over six times and have two or three assists,” Saunders said. “He knows that, too. You have no chance. When your best player has the ball in his hands a lot, that can’t happen.”

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