John Wall gave out Adidas JWall1 sneakers & tickets for Halloween!

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John Wall

I spent 2 hours trick or treating with my kids last night and then spent 5 minutes going through their candy and throwing out unsafe looking items and commenting on cheap a$$ homes that gave out barber shop gum, gumballs and those tiny colored tootsie rolls. I  shook my head at the sight of a bag of fritos and then explained to my kids that the house that gave out Rolo candy must be rolling in money.

If I was that shocked my the sight of Rolos, I can’t imagine how shocked I would have been if John Wall opened the door and dropped some Adidas JWall1 shoes in my girl’s extra large pillowcase.  Well, these kids experienced that shock.

Speaking of Halloween and sneakers. What do you think about this costume (sorry Adidas, I didn’t mean to let Jordan brand hijack this post)?

air-jordan-jumpman-halloween-costume (1)