John Wall has been invited to be in the Dunk Contest (calling Kenny Dobbs)

First off, we would like to congratulate John Wall on being selected to the 2014 NBA All-Star Team.

Now that we know we will be seeing Wall on Sunday, we and the NBA are hoping to see him showcasing his skills on Saturday too.   The NBA has invited Wall to participate in the Skills Challenge and the Dunk Contest that everybody seems to be on the fence about.   Hopefully Wall says yes and it starts a domino effect but I’m not hoping Wall enters the contest so others will get in, I’m hoping Wall says Yes because of a conversation from the 2012 All-Star weekend.

Arguably the best dunk contest performance at All-Star weekend since Vinsanity in 2000 was by a guy named Kenny Dobbs and it wasn’t in the NBA dunk contest but the Sprite Showdown contest that takes place the night before the NBA dunk contest.

In 2012, Dobbs impressed judges LeBron James, J.Cole and Darryl Dawkins by executing a bunch of dunks that have never been done in the NBA dunk contest including a blindfolded between the legs dunk over 3 people!  Seriously, former dunk champion Cedric Cebbalos came out of the crowd and blindfolded Kenny Dobbs who remixed his dunk along with two other dunks that would easily earn a perfect score.  It was easily the best contest dunk I have ever seen live and from the reaction of Serge Ibaka, I think he would say the same.  Kobe Bryant also approached Kenny after the contest and could only shake his head when discussing the dunks.

The next night Kenny had a conversation with John Wall who showed interest in doing the NBA contest one day.  They discussed dunking and techniques and the idea of Dobbs assisting Wall with some never before seen dunks if Wall ever agreed to do the event.

All I can say is if Wall says yes and collaborates with Dobbs, I got my money on Wall to win the contest….and I forgot to mention that Kenny Dobbs will be at All-Star weekend to defend his Showdown title.



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