John Wall scores 26 first half points vs the Pacers / Blocks Roy Hibbert

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Washington was celebrating the 35th anniversary of the the teams only championship. Hall of famer Wes Unseld was there and the fans received rings that said “the fat lady sings.”   The now popular phrase was made famous by broadcaster Dan Cook who used the saying after game 1 of the Spurs and Bullets series in 1978.   The Spurs won the first game but Cook said the series is not over until “the fat lady sings.”

For most of this season, people have been writing off John Wall while he was injured.  They questioned his talent compared to other guards in the league, his potential and ability to lead the Wizards.  For believers in Wall, like us, we could quote Cook and say it’s not over until the fat lady sings and for the past month that fat ass must be belting out Mariah Carey vocals because Wall has been unstoppable.  Monster double doubles, 16 assists here, 47 points there, a broken ankle over there and last night he scored 37 including 26 in the first half against the Pacer team that has beat the Wizards 3 straight.

At the end of the game Wall was flexing and the fat lady was signing.

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