Johnny Manziel puts on a dunk exhibition (360 dunk)

Players in this post:
Harold Miner

6’1 quarterback Johnny Manziel might have more hops than some 6’1 NBA players.

Johnny Football posted this instagram video this morning showing himself putting on a dunk exhibition that featured a 360 dunk that I didn’t expect him to make.

Watching him dunk reminded me of the early 90’s Footlocker dunk contests with players like Deion Sanders, Ken Griffey Jr and Chris Carter.  My favorite match-up was from 93 when 5’8 Barry Sanders (my favorite running back of all-time) faced off against 5’11 Kenny Loften.  The dunks aren’t anything that special now but keep in mind these guys are football players, under 6 foot and were just as impressive (or not) as Harold Miner’s competition that year in the NBA dunk contest.


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