Jonas Valanciunas dunks (on/over/by?) LeBron James

On opening night last week, LeBron WAS dunked on by Evan Turner and a bunch of people quickly came to the King’s defense and talked about the thin line between getting “dunked on” or “dunked over” or “dunked by” as if being the best player in the league gives you immunity from getting posterized.  Just face it Heat fans and remember the advice from that understanding girl that told you it happens to everybody and you have nothing to be ashamed of and then laughed all night with her friends.  IT HAPPENS!

Last night, the Raptors Jonas Valanciunas joined the limited club that “banged on (how about that phrase?)” LeBron.  It wasn’t “R.I.P.” worthy and even the NBA  YouTube page wouldn’t call it a “Facial (they used “jam”), but it was two points that happened when Jonas put the ball through the hoop while LeBron tried to block it in mid-air.  I wish everybody would just give props to LeBron for contesting the dunk and give props to Jonas for making the dunk instead of acting like over-sensitive bandwagoners.



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