Jonathan Clark Double Eastbay Dunk On 9’3″ Goal! Can He Do It On 10?

I wouldn’t care if Jonathan “The Jumper” Clark was 6’10 and the rim was 7 foot, pulling off a Double Eastbay (between both legs one after the other) with a regulation basketball is damn near impossible to do. I almost ended up in the ER attempting this dunk with a nerf ball on my office door. So, yes i’m very impressed that Clark pulled off this dunk even though the rim is supposedly 9’3″ and it’s bent down.

Of all the attempts I’ve ever seen on a regulation 10″ goal, Clark came the closest back in 2014 at a Nike 3on3 dunk contest.

More attempts….

Before you say anything negative about Clark, I suggest you watch him execute some of the hardest dunks I’ve ever seen, starting with this split dunk that had former NBA dunk champs Dr J and Nate Robinson putting up 100 scores at the $100k Dunk King event.