Jordan Calls It The "Lost & Found" Dunk, You Might Call It The Best Dunk Ever

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Isaiah Rider

Give me a break. So yesterday morning I posted a post about Jordan Kilganon's ridiculous reverse dunk over a car from the recent Gothenburg Basketball Festival Dunk Contest in Sweden.  I called it the "Dunk of the Day" and not only did it not turn out to be the dunk of the day but it didn't even turn out to be the best dunk of Jordan that day.

Later that afternoon, Jordan released what he considers his best dunk ever -  The "Lost and Found." What makes this dunk so special, besides the fact that it seems impossible to do even with an infinite amount of attempts, is it's something nobody (that I know of) has ever even hinted at. We talk about wish list dunks like the double between the legs and 2K type stuff but here's a true original dunk. A dunk that got props from some other high flying originators like The Air Up There aka Mr 720 "I respect those who aim for greatness.

The originality and imagination this kid has is amazing. Strive to be diffrent. ‪#‎outsidethebox‬"

Do I think it's the best dunk ever? No. It doesn't even make my top 20 but that's because of the shock and awe that came from easier to do dunks I've seen in the past before seeing this. For example, I watched Jr Rider win the college dunk contest with a basic between the legs dunk.

Guys like Jordan can do variations of that dunk in their sleep but the shock that came in 1993 watching Rider easily tops this dunk and any other dunk I've seen in the past couple of years. Now, do I think Jordan's dunk might be the most difficult dunk to execute? If it isn't, I'm sure it's in the top 3 and I doubt I'll ever have the pleasure of seeing someone pull it off in a dunk contest. But I said the same thing about Jordan's Scorpion Dunk and he's pulled off variations of it in multiple dunk contests.