Jordan Clarkson Drops Former Laker Killer, Aaron Brooks, With A Crossover

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Did you know Aaron Brooks was still in the league? Do you even know who Aaron Brooks is? The NBA YouTube channel even forgot, so they just labeled him “defender.”

A lot of Lakers fans probably got a little joy watching Jordan Clarkson drop Brooks because they remember when the former Houston Rocket used to torch the Lakers.

Back in 2009, the 6’0 Brooks went off on Kobe and the Lakers with 34 points in GM4 of the WCSF.  He scored a team-high 26 in a GM6 victory but struggled in a GM7 loss, only scoring 13 points (Kobe only had 14 on 4 of 12 shooting).  Brooks continued to put up big numbers against the Lakers and the rest of the league during the following season and was rewarded with the Most Improved Player award.

As for Monday’s game (almost 7 years after the 2009 playoffs series) Brooks had just 8 points off the bench, but his team got the W.