Jordan Kilganon Does A Between The Legs Behind The Back Over A Person Dunk!

It was almost a year ago when Jordan Kilganon threw down the "Scorpion Dunk" and I said it might be years until we see a better dunk. Then he topped it a couple of weeks later by going between the legs before doing the Scorpion dunk. I then said "I'm done but I have a feeling Jordan isn't..."

Well, Jordan just added another chapter in the book of the evolution of the Eastbay dunk by adding a behind the back twist to it.  As if it really makes a difference, I failed to mention he also jumped over a person.

I would say I have nothing else to say, but this is probably the perfect time for me to bring up the Eastbay Dunk Contest going down later this month. The dunk contest will feature 8 of the best dunkers in the world and will include an "evolution of the Eastbay Funk Dunk" round where the contestants will throw down the best between the leg dunk variations they can. I can't wait to see if anybody will be able to challenge this dunk by Jordan.