Michael Jordan vs Muhammad Ali Epic Rap Battle from Key and Peele

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Michael Jordan

Back in 1998, Chevy brought together two GOATS, Michael Jordan and Muhammad Ali, for a series of commercials for the Chevy Blazer.  The main reason Ali agreed to do the spots was for the chance to get to know Michael Jordan, who he was a huge fan of and met the year before during the NBA finals.

Likewise, Jordan, who has been working with Chevy since the early 90s, said Ali was the one autograph he really wanted.  The two icons met on the set, they laughed and shared stories, Ali autographed a boxing glove for MJ and the commercials and promotional posters were made.


15 years later, Ali and MJ have been reunited (sort of) by Comedy Central’s Key and Peele in a sketch called Epic Rap Battles.  The sketch was overall funny with some nice Ali jabs at Space Jam (yeah I agree it sucks), MJ’s former Hitler mustache and his Nike shoes, which are “made by little girls (in Vietnam),” but I think they went too far with a reference to Jordan’s father who was murdered in 1993.

“Now your Daddy got killed and I feel for your family, but your baseball career now that was a tragedy”

Ouch! That was a line that I think even Nas in Ether mode would have scratched from a diss record.



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One last video…my favorite Key and Peele sketch.



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