Josh Smith hit a game-winning 3 pointer that surprised everybody including himself

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Andre Drummond Josh Smith Greg Monroe

Pistons’ fans might be cheering at the sight of Josh Smith making a game-winning 3 pointer but Atlanta fans and past fantasy owners of Smith will tell you that you don’t want the athletic freak of nature settling for too many shots behind the arc.  Considering he’s coming off a season where he attempted the most 3 point shots in his career and he has Monroe and the beast that is Andre Drummond down low, Smith for three might be a common saying in Detroit.  Let’s just hope 9 attempts wont be a common sight in the boxscore.

Despite scoring 20 points, Smith struggled overall and hit just 6 of 17 from the field (3-9 from 3) and 5 of 11 from the free throw line.  The more disappointing stat is that he had 0 steals and blocks and those are the cats that every fantasy owner loves to see when they draft Smith.

This is also what every Smith fan wants to see more of.

Hopefully Smith’s next game winner looks more like this one.


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