JR Rider Can Still Do The East Bay Funk Dunk

Once upon a time, before “YouTube dunkers” & Sprite Slam Dunk Showdowns where dunkers combine every dunk with a between the legs move, a player would be able to win a dunk contest by just dunking between the legs.   Kobe did it in 97 but in 1993 JR Rider introduced the “East Bay Funk Dunk” to most people either via the NCAA dunk contest or the NBA dunk contest.  He won both by just doing the between the legs dunk but at that time it wasn’t just some dunk.  It was exciting enough for Charles Barkley to say it was the best dunk he has ever seen.

Flashforward to today and ex NBA player JR Rider can still pull it off…the rim might be a little low but all things considered, I’m still impressed.

Rider has worked on a documentary off an on for the past two years.  I’m hoping he gets it completed in 2012


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