JR Smith breaks Tristan's ankles, reverse dunks by Kyrie & hurts Bennett's confidence

All jokes aside, I'm sure Anthony Bennett was feeling pretty good about his career high 15 points in the last Cavs games.  Then comes the news that the #1 pick is the first #1 pick since Kwame Brown to not be selected to the Rising Stars/Rookie Game.  Then this morning we hear the rumor from ESPN's Chad Ford that Kyrie Irving has been privately telling friends he wants out of Cleveland and later on that night they lost to the Knicks by 31.

It gets worse.  As for Anthony Bennett in the blowout loss, he played 22 minutes and produced 4 points on 1 of 4 shooting.....he also had 3 fouls for his defensive efforts.  A defensive "effort" that landed him on the top 10 highlights of the night when JR Smith blew past him with a crossover and then threw down a nasty 1 hand reverse dunk.

But AB's teammates also had the opportunity to end up on the night's best plays too.  Kyrie Irving got to see a real pretty reverse dunk by Smith and Tristan Thompson got to feel a serious pain in his ankle when Smith gave him a nastier crossover than the one he gave AB.  The way Tristan fell to the floor you would have thought he tripped over untied shoe laces but obviously that wasn't the case because why would a player against the Knicks have untied shoelaces?





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