JR Smith crosses then dunks on a kid (off the wrong foot) at a basketball camp

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JR Smith

Another day, another clip of some lucky (yes lucky and not unlucky) kid at a basketball camp getting "embarrassed" by a pro player.  The latest example comes courtesy of JR Smith who crossed and dunked on this kid.

What I find so interesting about this dunk is that he jumped off his right foot and dunked it with his right hand.  If you watch JR play you have probably noticed that he does this off the wrong dunk quite a lot.


It was also nice to see Smith doing the dunking again because the last time we saw JR this summer, he was getting dunked on at the Drew League (he also hit the game-winner that game).

Smith also made a valuable appearance at the Chris Brown Kickball event last month but we prefer seeing him jumping over defenders and hitting game winners than kicking game winners and jumping on fences.


Source: That NBA Lottery Pick


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