JR Smith ejected for elbowing Jason Terry in the face

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There goes Jason Terry laying on the floor again!  This time it wasn’t 100% his fault because he wasn’t trying to stop a LeBron dunk, he was just trying to annoy 6th man of the year and get chicks or die trying JR Smith.

Smith showed his annoyance when he delivered an elbow to Terry’s face knocking him to the ground. The refs showed their annoyance with Smith by giving him a flagrant 2 and ejecting him.  Thankfully for the Knicks, they didn’t need Smith’s services anymore since they had a 78-59 lead in the 4th quarter.  Hopefully David Stern doesn’t show his annoyance and give Smith a 1 game suspension because the Knicks will need his services for the next game.

“I was trying to draw the foul,” Smith said. “He reached in one time. I thought he was going to reach in again a second time. I was going to try get a quick shot off, but they made a call that the refs saw. Not really much I could do about it.”

“It was a bad basketball play on my behalf just because I got kicked out of the game. My team needs me. Just got to get ready to play Sunday.”




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