JR Smith Makes A Half-Court Jump Shot To Win A $30k Prize For Military Member

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JR Smith

Normally when there’s a half-court shot for a prize scene, you will see a person run, jump forward and launch a shot from his chest with the hopes of even getting near the rim or backboard. That scene was much different on Monday, before the Cavs annual Wine & Gold scrimmage, when JR Smith calmly took and made a jump shot from half-court to win a $30k prize for a military member. If that wasn’t awesome enough, Smith gave the crowd his trademark post 3 celebration.

(Gus Chan / The Plain Dealer)

Here’s another video of Smith casually taking and making a half-court jumper.

Speaking of half-court shots and rule breakers, check out this clip from a few years back of a guy making a half-court shot and not winning $50k because he was supposed to shoot a 3 before the half-court shot.