JR Smith scores 33 & blows past Damian Lillard for the explosive dunk

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So how did JR Smith get so open on his explosion down the middle?   Where was the D?

  1. Damian Lillard just fell asleep and went for the lazy steal/swipe. 
  2. LaMarcus Aldridge was blocked off by 40 year old still in the league Kurt Thomas.  Aldridge was probably shocked that he was guarding a 40 year old player
  3. JJ Hickson had the opportunity to try to take a charge or go for a block but if there’s one thing JR has shown over the year besides his ability to drive coaches mad is that he will dunk on you if you try to protect the rim when he’s in flight.

JR Smith scored a third of the team’s points and finished with 33 points but with Melo, Amare and Tyson out of action and major PT going to Camby, Thomas, KMart and Jason Kidd, the Knicks lost by 15.

Lillard finished with 26 points and 10 assists.

 “Without those three — not to say we’re supposed to beat them, because they’re still a good team — but if you can catch a team like that on your homecourt, you want to win the game. We were able to get it done.”
— Damian Lillard

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