JR Smith unties Shawn Marion's shoelaces during a game

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JR Smith Shawn Marion

The Knicks were having a blast with Dallas on Sunday.  Missed dunks turned into bench celebrations and after a dominating first quarter, the Knicks players started feeling like they were "above the law" in the 2nd and started doing crazy things like...untying player's shoe laces during the game?!

Well, considering the person who untied The Matrix's shoes was JR Smith, I don't think this is all that crazy for him and definitely not above the law for the pipe giving personal favorite player of mine that has never seen a shot he didn't like.  What I find so amusing about this, is that Smith just checked into the game.

But I don't think Stern and the league offices will find this form of defense as amusing as me.  Hopefully he just gets a slap on the wrist but I'm guessing he will probably get a fine for his actions.




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