JR Smith’s GF & Family Involved in Another Fight during Basketball Game

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Deadspin has a great article on the latest fight between JR Smith’s sister and girlfriend with the basketball fans of China.  Smith’s team did lose but he put up another MJ of China game with 37 points.
Check out the piece below or click here to read it on Deadspin.

The last time we checked in with J.R. Smith, he was breaking ankles while his sister Stephanie was starting brawls.

I can’t speak for the state of Sino-American talocrural relations, but I can report that Smith’s sister and girlfriend are once again implicated in a fight that broke out last night during a game between J.R.’s Zhejiang squad and the host Tianjin. According to Chinese news sources, conflict erupted after Tianjin fans heckled J.R. Smith as he went to the line late in the third quarter. After what I believe to be Thunderstix were thrown onto the court by a spectator, Smith’s girlfriend got into a shoving match with Tianjin fans while his sister flipped the crowd the double-bird. (Those are her hands you see above.)

Stephanie Smith claims on her Twitter that she didn’t start the fight “this time,” and we can understand her description of the incident being different from Chinese sources that describe her as “a ton of bricks.” We invite her side of the story—and of the previous incident, if she wants to share.

It comes at an awkward time, as CNN/NBA TV’s report on “how great” things are going for Smith in China just debuted yesterday. Will this get Smith out of the country in time to make an impact for an NBA team? That’s still up in the air.

As for the game, J.R. Smith’s Zhejiang side fell 112-104. Smith put in 37 points in the losing effort.

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