Fan sends $60 in cash to JR Smith for winning a bet

Players in this post:
JR Smith


On his instagram account, JR Smith wrote “LMAO Love my fans! #FanMail” and posted a pic of a letter sent to him by John Quirie – a really big ass fan with “sloppy ass handwriting.”  John might be the first fan in NBA history to send money to their favorite player.  The reason why the guy sent enough cash for 3 lapdances to Smith was because he bet his (must be rich or a gambling addict) friend that he could score as many points with JR Smith on 2k13 as his friend could with the Heat.  I guess his friend, for some reason, accepted, then somehow lost, and amazingly paid up.  Then John actually wrote (not typed up) a “long ass letter” and mailed it to Smith (or the Knicks).  The most amusing part of the letter to me is he included hashtags in it as if he was tweeting.

Smith was recently fined $25k for his tweets so now he just needs another $24,940 to pay off the fine but I think the $60 would be better spent in another ways (as mentioned in the previous paragraph).

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