Jukebox preparing for the Ballislife Indoor 3 on 3 Event + Low Rim Dunk Contest

Before you start putting the dunker down for dunking on an 8 foot rim, just know that Jukebox is 5’11 and can do better dunks on a 10 foot rim than most ballers could do an 8 foot goal.  This was just a fun video Tyler made showcasing some of the dunks he might try at the upcoming Ballislife Indoor 3on3 event that has a 8 foot rim division.  Yes, 8 foot as in 2 under NBA regulation.  Why would we do that?  Because it’s a lot of fun to watch people get dunked on and we love 3on3 ball.  Our dunkers have won the Nike Live 3on3 event. We helped run the NBA’s official 3on3 tour in the US called NBA3x and we have FIBA and USA basketball friends that are pushing 3on3 to be an Olympic Sport.

Back to the vid.  Jukebox will be joined by 2 other exceptional dunkers named Daniel Hyde and Billy Doran.  Check out some of their vids below.
If you are interested in registering your team in the BIL3on# event go to  http://indoor3on3.com/



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