Julius Randle & Jordan Clarkson have to call Nick Young ‘Daddy Swag’


“We call him Scrappy Feet. Ugly feet.” said LA rookie Jordan Clarkson when asked how they have to address Nick Young. “Naw, he told me to call him Daddy Swag. That’s a rookie duty so I’ll make sure I get it done.” 

According to Swaggy P in this NBA.com video, Clarkson and fellow rookie Julius Randle, have to call him Daddy Swag “every morning” but he also had some positive things to say about the rooks.

I was shocked the way Julius could handle the ball like that and he’s got a little ups, he can jump a little bit. And especially Jordan, he can put that thing in the hole and to be his height and be a point guard it’s gonna be tough for defenders.

That’s all cool, but I’ll tell you what’s really cool about ‘Daddy Swag.’ He gets to see every morning in the real world, what I just saw this morning….online!

Always great to see a Hype Williams video (even if I don’t care for the song) but in my personal opinion, as amazing as Jennifer Lopez looks in it, I would rather not see such a well respected mother do a video like this. Oh well.

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