Happy 4th of July & Birthday to Horace Grant

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Happy 4th of July and Birthday to Horace (& his twin brother Harvey) Grant — the owner of four NBA championships and the coolest collection of sports goggles ever.

I’m still upset it’s four and not five. Robert Horry once told me he took the 1995 NBA Finals personally because NBC did a report card comparison before GM1 of the Finals between the Houston Rockets and Orlando Magic and the only big match-up edge went to Orlando: Horace Grant got an “A” and Horry a “C.” Horry ended up setting a couple of NBA Finals records and was second in Finals MVP votes as he won his second ring.

Grant would have to wait five more years until he and Shaq won a championship together and picked up his fourth ring. Kobe and Shaq always get all the credit but you have to give major props to Grant for guarding Rasheed Wallace/Sabonis then Chris Webber then Tim Duncan during the 2001 NBA playoffs.


Here’s Grant in a recent great interview with Bill Simmons talking about all the great stories he has about Jordan, Shaq and Kobe.





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