K.J McDaniels Fouls Out In 9 Seconds! Andre Drummond Attempts 36 Free Throws!!

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KJ McDaniels Andre Drummond

If you check out the shocking boxscore of the Pistons win over the Rockets on Wednesday you will notice K.J McDaniels played 1 minute and finished the game with just 6 fouls. No points, rebounds or assists. Just 6 fouls! As impossible as that sounds, he actually fouled out in 9 seconds, but since boxscores only list minutes, K.J is credited for lasting 1 entire minute.

“Anything for my teammates. I know they’d do anything for me,” said KJ McDaniels.

All 5 of those fouls were committed against Andre Drummond, who was fouled 21 times by the Rockets.  Those 21 fouls equaled 36 free throw attempts and out of those 36 attempts he  missed a NBA record 23 of them.  The previous record was help by Wilt (who else) back in 1967 when he missed 22 in a game.

Despite missing 23 from the charity stripe, Drummond still finished with 17 points and 11 rebounds.