Kanye West sings/rants for 12 minutes about why Michael Jordan shouldn’t have played for the Wizards

The always ranting, hobbit loving, no longer Nike wearing rapper/producer/Adidas endorser from Chicago who feels ‘Jeezus’ was disrespected by the Grammys, also feels Michael Jordan disrespected his Chi-town fans when he suited up for the Wizards after his 2nd retirement.

If you have seen a live performance by Kanye then you know he has a tendency to rant about whatever is on his mind that day and on this night, Kanye went on a 12 minute auto-tune rant (yes he used the word “marginalize” again) about the man who used to run fast breaks with Pippen and Rodman and why he should never have ran fast breaks with Kwame Brown and Christian Laetner.

Thanks to Ben Chew for the video.



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