Kanye West Gets Possesed on Stage ?+ Disses Justin Timberlake & Tells The Grammy’s to S^ck ……

Kanye West has seriously lost it. Check out this footage from one of Kanye’s recent shows. In the middle of his performance Kanye starts screaming from the top his lungs as if he’s crying out for help. You can hear the pain in his voice as he attempts to free himself of his demonic ways. Im Not saying Kanye is in the Illuminate but if you pay close attention, his actions reflect a person who’s is possessed with a demon. Also during the same show Kanye goes on another rant disrespecting Justin Timberlake saying that “I Don’t mess with that Suit and Tie”. He Also had some pretty offensive words to say about the Grammy’s. “Remind me agains why we in this sh^t remind me again why the Grammy’s can s^ck my D^*ck”.

starts at 4 min


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