Kanye West Goes In On Jimmey Kimmel+Kanye West the new Tupac?

Kanye West and Jimmel Kimmel have been going back in fourth over these last few days. The whole incident started when Jimmy Kimmel created a spoof of Kanye’s recent interview with Zane Low. In the spoof Kimmel reenacted Kanye’s responses using kids as the actors. Kanye took the video very offensive saying “how could you create a spoof on the only real piece of media”.Not only did Kanye call and address the situation over the phone but he also expressed how he felt via twitter. Check out What Kanye had to say and Kimmel’s response.

In the interview with Zane Kanye touched on some very deep topics. This is one of the few times that Kanye has openedly expressed how he felt. He talked about some of the past incidents he’s been involved in with the media and being one of the biggest rockstars in the industry. He also talked bout his influence in the hip hop cultured as he compared himself to the goat of rap “Tupac”. As crazy as it mite sound the two actually share alot in common. They are both very talented and opionated artist who despise the media. There music has deep messages about vanity and the discriminated society. Both of these artist has had there runnings with the media and intense interviews. Check out All 4 Parts of Kanye West’s interview compared to historical interviews of Tupac

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