Kanye West Runs Head First Into A Sign +Flips Out On A Paparazzi ?

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Things are not getting any better for leader of G.O.O.d Music Kanye West. As if Kanye doesn't have enough problems on his plate already from dealing with the fact that his mother will not get the chance to see his first born child, to social media bashing him for having a baby by Kim to Ray J releasing a video saying He Hit It First. Kanye West has been dealing with a lot of adversity and drama these last few years. Check out his most recent stunt in Beverly Hills. Kanye and Kim were in Beverly Hills on their way to a restaurant when Kanye literally ran into another problem. While trying to avoid the media Kanye slams head first into a "Wrong Way, Do Not Enter" sign. Then shortly after Kanye goes into a rage and flips out on a paparazzi.


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