Kanye West shows off his handles around a bunch of old people in Australia

The always ranting, hobbit loving, fishstick eating, no longer Nike wearing rapper/producer/Adidas endorser from Chicago that once went on a long rant on stage about Michael Jordan disrespecting his Chi-town fans when he suited up for the Wizards, recently suited up for an afternoon run in Perth, Australia with his trainer.  

The Daily Mail captured a few pics of  Yeezus doing his best Allen “The Answer” Iverson impersonation but all I could think of while looking at these pics was Kanye yelling “you aint got the answer” to a defender while the elderly women on the court wonder who the loud obnoxious genius is.

 When the Daily Mail asked 70+ year old Vicki Scafidi  if she knew who Kanye was, she responded by saying, ‘I don’t even know who SHE is!’, first thinking Kanye was female. ‘I saw the basketballers. I just thought they were training. I wouldn’t know what he looked like.’

Well Vicki, this is what he looks like…playing ball!

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And this is him on stage ranting about Michael Jordan.

And this is Kanye watching a basketball game.


And here’s the genius that I really miss.

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