Kanye West & Miley Cyrus making remix of “Black Skinhead”

Ballislife | Kanye & MIley
Ballislife | Kanye & MIley

There’s no one more under the microscope right now in the music world than Miley Cyrus. Her recent performance at the VMA’s has set the world on fire from tweets, to articles, to memes and even CNN talking about it. The queen of “twerking” has put herself out there as an icon in the music world, rather positive or negative, depending on who you are. On Wednesday it was confirmed by Cyrus’ producer, Mike Will Made It, that Hannah Montana would collaborate with Yeezus himself, Kanye West, for a remix on his track, “Black Skinhead,” that will be apart of a Remix EP of Yeezus to be released later this year.

When you didn’t think Miley could make the headlines any larger, she ignites them by working with one of the most controversial artists of all-time. Eager isn’t a word strong enough for Miley’s desire to work with ‘Ye, either. After the VMA’s, she skipped her own after-party to go straight to the studio and start recording with him. You may think that after what Kanye saw on stage at the VMA’s might of made him change his mind. But c’mon, it’s Kanye West. The same man who shamelessly took the spotlight from Taylor Swift, said his name should be in the Bible and proceeded to say he is a God; of course he was going to follow through with it. In fact, when asked about Kanye’s thoughts on Miley’s performance, Mike Will Made It said:

“He told her she did it right, too. Ye is someone who understands. I think someone who understands isn’t going to have anything to say about the performance.”

While there hasn’t been much reaction to the news, yet, NBA blogger and long-time Kanye West advocate, Myles Brown isn’t too pleased with the news:


There’s guaranteed to be a lot of reaction to the news in the next few days and almost certain a lot of Kanye West fans will not be pleased, but try and think of the possibilities. If anyone can pull this off, wouldn’t it be ‘Ye? Either way, the track will garnish millions upon millions of downloads and if there’s a video, I’m sure it will show up in every form of media you could possibly imagine. Whatever happens, this is undoubtedly the weirdest music news we’ve had in quite sometime.

I wonder what Kendrick Lamar thinks of it…



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Ballislife | Kanye & MIley
Ballislife | Kanye & MIley

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