Karl-Anthony Towns Wanted None Of This Vicious Dunk By DJ Stephens

On Thursday, the Memphis Grizzlies released a must-see video of Vince Carter (The Master) and DJ Stephens (The Apprentice) breaking down each other’s best dunks.  Later that night, the Grizzlies took on the Wolves and DJ Stephens released a vicious dunk against that had the potential of becoming Stephen’s best dunk: midway through the first quarter, Stephen lost his man and only had Karl-Anthony Towns between him and the rim. Towns moved closer to the middle of the paint and then realized who was coming with a full head of steam and got the F out of the way.

Wolves fans would like to me mention that the Wolves did win, Towns was unstoppable (31 points on 7-10 fg and 17-17 ft in 24 minutes) and they have a 2 x dunk champ named Zach LaVine.  My response is I know, Damn that’s a crazy stat line and I can’t wait to see Zach defend his title against DJ.