Karl Malone explains why he still has a flip phone

It’s no surprise that old school Karl Malone would still own a flip phone in 2014 but unlike everybody else that wants to mock the Mail Man for it, I’m kind of jealous.  I miss how over-dramatic you could be with old school phones.  You can’t slam a smart phone but you could slam shut a flip phone or slam a rotary phone and look cool after cursing somebody out.  No matter how hard you push that end button on your smartphone, it just wont look as dramatic.

Another cool part in this interview is when Malone mentions that he’s become good friends with Dominique Wilkins.  It seems funny after all those years that they would just now become friends but then again they spent most of their careers in different conferences and since Nique was on Dream Team 2 while Malone was on 1 and 3, they didn’t get to share a medal together either.




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