Kasey Hill, Chris Walker, Tyler Ennis Talks About Their Favorite Pair Of Retro Jordans

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For years now Jordan Brand has been the most popular shoe on the shelves. Not only are they endorsing some of the best players in the league (Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Russel West brook) But their retro kicks are still top sellers 20 years later. All three of these young players will be in the NBA in the next few years. It will be interesting to see if they choose to be endorsed by Jordan Brand. Kasey Hill is one of if not the best Pg in high school basketball. His passing ability and athleticism separates him from the average pg. According to Kasey’s his favorite Pair of Jordan’s is the IV. He was actually wearing a pair of the Military Blue” Iv during the interview. Spectators are calling Chris Walker the best overall player in High School Basketball. Hes simply a freak of nature on the court. Check out he and some of the other players from the 2013 Jordan Brand Classic’s talking about their favorite pair of Jordan’s at Complex.com


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