Kasper does a 540 dunk & beats Kenny Dobbs in 2014 Sprite Showdown Contest

If you were one of the 50 people in the crowd or 30 watching the live stream of the Sprite Showdown dunk contest yesterday, you probably felt a little cheated or disappointed – some of the contestants felt that way too.

But I can guarantee if these dunks were done by the All-Stars in tonight’s NBA dunk contest, with Kenny Smith and legends yelling how awesome the dunks are as we watch slow motion replays from every angle and then crowd reactions that include other NBA All-Stars high-fiving, you might consider the contest one of the best ever.

That’s because most basketball fans rather see a pro basketball player in the NBA do a mediocre dunk than a pro dunker do a great dunk.  It’s also because the casual non dunk fanatics don’t really know what they are seeing so unless they are spoon fed and delivered the dunk in an exciting package they can appreciate then they aren’t going to appreciate the dunk.   That is why the Sprite Showdown felt so blah even though the dunks were dunks that would leave NBA fans in awe if done by their favorite NBA players.

So what dunks were done.

How about a 360 between the legs dunk by Mike Purdie. A 540 by Kasper. A behind the back off the bounce dunk by Kenny Dobbs. A reverse dunk over a person by J-Killz.  A scoop dunk and between the legs over 4 people by Werm.

Even some of the least memorable dunks like a 360 off the bounce would get close to a 50 if it was executed by a popular All-Star.

In the end, it was Kasper and his 540 dunk that came out victorious. It was sweet revenge for him since he lost to Kenny Dobbs in the last Showdown Finals. He was awarded $10k for the win and thankfully he wont have to spend it all on medical bills from this fall.






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