Kawhi Leonard Loses It After Jonathon Simmons' Dunk Of The Year Nominee On Meyers Leonard

Here's a video for everyone who complains Kawhi Leonard doesn't show enough emotion.

If you go to the 3 second mark of this video, you will see a bored looking Kawhi get so excited after Jonathon Simmons' poster dunk on Meyers Leonard, he stood up almost as fast as 39-year old Manu Ginobili. Now go to the 31 second mark and you can see Kawhi clapping his hands multiple times. After studying the multiple angles, it appears Leonard could have clapped up to five times before shaking his head.

Me personally, my reaction was more like Bertans (4 second mark) after watching the dunk of the year nominee by the man who showed $150 can you take you really far in life.

I'm also surprised Leonard tried to block it considering he was smart enough not to try a few months ago.