Kehlani Goes Off, Kicks Fan Out Of Concert For Yelling “Kyrie”

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Kyrie Irving

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The reason why I’m posting this is because it made me pretty happy to see singer Kehlani stop in the middle of her concert, address some trolling idiot — who thought it would be funny to scream her ex-boyfriend’s name (Kyrie as in Kyrie Irving) — and have his a$$ thrown out.

“Get the f*** out this concert, b***h!” Kehlani said. “Security. y’all better be loyal to me in this b***h. Point ‘em out.

“We don’t play that stupid a$$ s**t up in here. C’mon, Kyrie will whoop your f*****g a$$. That’s my best friend.”

Why am I happy?

In sports, I’m all for hecklers talking trash to players on the opposing team as long as they don’t cross the line of decency and get too personal or obscene because there is usually children in attendance. But at a concert, every person in attendance should be a fan and if somebody says something that gets under the performer’s skin, it might ruin their performance and the experience everyone else in the audience is paying money for. Although it seems the audience enjoyed listening to her go off on the “fan,” it’s evident from her response and social media posting, calling out Kyrie’s name during her concert isn’t appreciated.

I’m not going to get into the relationship Kehlani and Kyie had but here’s a video of some “good times” between them.