Kemba Walker breaks Chris Paul’s ankles (with the help of DeAndre’s foot?)

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Kemba Walker Chris Paul DeAndre Jordan

Kemba Walker’s ankle breaking move on CP3 looks great but you could argue that DeAndre Jordan deserves a little credit for getting Kemba so wide-open.

What’s not debatable is how great CP3 looked for the rest of the game. He followed up Kemba’s crossover and 17 foot jumper with a jump shot of his own and finished the game with 22 points (10 of 16 fg) and 15 assists in the Clippers 21 point win. Kemba had 15 points and 6 assists but only made 3 of his other 10 field goal attempts.

Kemba has had his share of legit ankle breakers in the NBA but most of my favorite crossovers from Walker took place back in his UCONN days.  Enjoy!

VIDEO: Dawk Ins