Kendrick Lamar Performs Outside The Staples Center After Lakers Game & Causes Riot!? Police Had To Shut it Down!?

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Dwight Howard Kobe Bryant

Check out the Compton poet Kendrick Lamar performing outside the Staples Center. The Los Angeles Lakers played their 6th pre-season game last night against the Sacramento Kings. This was the first time all 5 of of the Lakers starters were on the court together, including there new big star Dwight Howard. The Lakers got right down to business gaining a 13 point lead against the kings. Unfortunately they couldn't hold the lead and ended up loosing the game by 6. After the game Kendrick Lamar and his TDE alliance set up out side the Staples Center and put on a show for the people who made Kendrick who he is today. There was no admission fee for the show nor was there any awareness other than a tweet which was sent out by Kendrick during the game. Thousands of fans showed up to show support to this 'Good Kid in a M.a.d.d city'. Kendrick took the stage and performed songs from his latest project Section 80 and two singles from his debut album which hit the stores today. There were so many people in the downtown area that police had to shut it down because of the altercations and traffic. What did you guys think about Kendrick's free performance?

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