Kendrick Lamar Takes A Jab At Kanye West On Black Hippy UOENO Remix?

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Kendrick Lamar is probably the only artist in the game that can stand toe to toe with Kanye on a track. Earlier this year Kendrick was crowned the Hottest MC in the game over Drake,Big Sean and Kanye West. Kanye who came in at #7 was a little upset about his spot on the list. Of course he felt himself and Big Sean deserved to be in the top 5. Shortly after Kanye did a phone interview talking about the list and how he gave Sway his first TV. Nobody really knows what Kanye subliminally meant by the comment but i guess Kendrick felt like he should give him a T.V to. Check out Kendrick’s recent verse on Black Hippy’s U.E.N.O Remix.
“And after Sway Swayed that list he got a flat screen the next morning”

“Im Going After Kanye Lupe Fiasco and Nas”

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