Kendrick Lamar Talks About Not Believing In Religion And A “Higher Power”?

Check out Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar sitting down for a one on one interview with “The TruthIsScary.Com”. In the video Kendrick talks about his belief in conspiracies and his refusal to vote. He also opens up about religion and his personal beliefs in a higher power that may possibly play a part in all that we do. Throughout the internet there have been rumors and speculations about a higher power controlling the music world. Kendrick even has a song entitled “High Power” featured on his section 80 mixtape. Kendrick and his TDE Alliance may not be the source of a higher power but i think it’s safe to say he and his gang have the inside scoop on the people pressing the buttons. How do you guys feel about Kendrick’s statements on religion ?

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