Kendrick Lamar wins Lyricist of the year+Kendrick Battles a rapper on the Streets of Watts

Compton’s finest Kendrick Lamar has been the talk of the year. To be mentioned along with some of the greats (Jay z and Nas) is an accomplishment itself. Not only was Kendrick in the same catergory as J.Cole,Hov,kanye west,Nas ect but he also walked away with the award for best lyrisict of the year. With his debut Good Kid M.A.D.D scheduled to release on the 22nd, he has been putting in major work to promote his cd. But Kendrick is not your ordinary 2012 rapper. He is one of the most talented song writers and bar for bar artist in the industry. With his strong meanings and metaphors he paints a vivid picture of his lyrics . If I could compare him to anyone I would have to say he’s a mixture of Tupac, Kanye west,and Eminen all wrapped in one. His unique style and Conspiracy lyrics puts him in a different lane then most of the artist today. Unlike the ABCD rappers in the game Kendrick has the ability to actually freestyle with out writing,and has been doing it for quite some time.

Not only is he gaining a lot of respect From some biggest names in the game. His fellow Compton native “Problem” gave him a shot out shortly after the news was released about Kendrick winning the award. From the looks of it Kendrick’s hard work an dedication has placed him in the rankings of one of the best in the game. What’s even more shocking then a kid from Compton being associated with hip hop legends,is the fact that Kendrick hasnt even dropped a album yet. Complex magazine put out a list of the top 50 most anticipated albums last week. Amongst the list were Kid Cudi and Wiz Khalifa who both released record breaking debut album, Kendrick came in at 2nd place. Kendricks debut album is available for pre order on itunes. How many of you are anticipating the release of Good Kid M.A.D.D City?

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