Kendrick Perkins pushes Tim Duncan, Duncan walks away & smiles

The always upset and angry looking Kendirck Perkins might have the face and temper that you would assume would make him a feared enforcer on the court but from the reactions of other players in the league it seems that’s not the case.

From being called “cupcake” on Instagram last week by Kevin Durant to Tim Duncan laughing at him after a tangle and push last night, Perkins might have to do something to get his tough guy image back…but we don’t need to see him trying to fight a whole club like he did back in 2011 when he was arrested in Beaumont, TX.

He can start small with guys like Kobe who doesn’t have a good punches thrown/landed record (ask Chris Childs).

or Dwyane Wade

Or maybe Shaq who he has a long running beef with.


Source: Bleacher Report


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