Kendrick Perkins holds Chandler Parsons hands allowing Thabo to hit a wide open 3

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The Thunder barely escaped last night’s 4th quarter meltdown against the Rockets when they went scoreless on nine straight possessions and watched the Rockets go on a 21-2 run to bring the 15 point lead down to 2.  Durant responded with a 3 pointer and then Thabo hit a 3 with a little assistance from Kendrick Perkins.  When you watch the replay of Thabo’s 3 pointer you will see the reason why Chandler Parsons wasn’t able to get back to Thabo was because Perkins was holding his hand.

Perkins made some news yesterday by criticizing the NBA for giving the Defensive Player of the Year award to Marc Gasol

I’m not hating but the NBA just give awards away. Serge don’t get defensive player of the year. That don’t make any sense. SMMFH

You could make an argument that Ibaka did deserve the award but you can bet that you wont see Gasol pulling cheap defensive moves like the one Perkins pulled (literally) on Parsons



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